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  • MIDI Sequences: These are our versions of the songs made popular by various artists.

Our performers can use them as our virtual accopmaniments. This is helpful when due to scheduling conflicts if we can not be on the stage with you. Then we can be there virtually. You can get a single user license for a low fee of US$10 per sequence. We can also custom make your songs for US$25 each.

    To become our performers send us an audio sample via internet or mail us a Demo CD/Tape.

Browse through the list and then contact us (Details at the bottom of this page.)

These sequences contain catchy percussion styles, background harmonies/melodies, counters, contrabass pieces, controllers' informations for stereo panning, reverb etc. Basically all the bells and the whistles.

(Click as many as you want, Keep CTRL key pressed while clicking)

Due to our live events, it is impossible for us to keep updating our list. We are now performing almost all the 'good' songs. Be it golden oldies or the foot tapping contemporaries/remixes. If you are looking for a song, then probably IT IS A good song for performance. In that case you can be sure that we are performing it.

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