The SargamTrack Books

Volume 1 and Volume 2


        Finally there are lessons that can help you play some of the most popular Indian Songs. In these book, you will be introduced to over 100 feet-tapping melodies. Whether  it's the wonderful Oldies but Goldies or the fast songs of today. These books teaches you them all. If you're a beginner or even in between, this book is for you.


We can Mail these books to You

  • Over 111 Indian Melodies.
  • Contains the necessary notations to teach you the melody lines of these songs
  • Has both Guitar Fret and Letter  Chords for you to play
  • It suggest the accompaniment style, key and tempo. so you can right away accompany some one who wants to perform these songs.
  • Why spend hours figuring out all this when you can have it for less than 50 cents a song?
  • US$50 plus $7.00 for priority mail in USA. ($20 for most other countries)
(Our second volume containing another 100 songs is now available)