If you have come to this page that means you are a serious Indian Music performer.

If God gifted you with the singing voice but did not have friends to accompany you. You always wanted to learn to play your favorite songs but did not know how. Then you have come to the right place.

We have been playing music since 1976, doing MIDI since 1990 and are on the web since 1993.

Here you would be able to get the details about:

  • Become our performer and we will accompany you. If we can not be there due to any reason then we will virtually perform with you using our Professional, fully composed MIDI sequences for your live performances.

  • In some cases you can get the sequences recorded on high quality tapes or CD for Karaoke singing. Don't you want to sing in "Your" own scale and tempo?

  • You can get interactive lessons and learn to play those melodies on your favorite keyboard.

  • our SargamTrack books of notations and chords to learn to play Indian Melodies